You may have heard about this. People working for the US government, staying in Cuba, have been under attack from some kind of sonic weapon. Yeah it sounds outlandish, but it’s true. These folks have heard a bizarre high-pitched sound, akin to crickets chirping, or sometimes no sound at all, while lying in their hotel room beds or elsewhere, and afterward, although Science knows of no sound capable of causing physical harm to a listener, other than hearing loss if the volume is cranked too high (I lost a small percentage of my hearing at a Richard Marx concert during a saxophone solo, for example; hey, it was the 80s, alright! The guy was cool!), those victims of these attacks felt sick afterwards. Many complained of vision problems, insomnia, problems with balance and ability to concentrate–and also hearing loss. The US is taking the accounts seriously enough that it’s pulling people out and bringing them home, concerned about their safety.

One doesn’t technically think of Cuba as such a technological hotspot, but if it isn’t the Cubans who are doing this, who is it?

The sound is made up of perhaps two dozen different frequencies. You can listen to it here, if you’re brave enough.

This whole thing makes me think of the SCANNERS films. While those movies admittedly have nothing to do with harmonics, could prolonged sonic attacks of this sort, or such attacks carried out in close enough proximity to the victims, result in Cronenberg’s exploding heads?