Reality Spasm (13 hours)

They call it reality spasm, come purple ghost rising to the ceiling. A blaze of heat, some ferocious trick devouring the mind. Once your there your home, 13 hours to catch the last fall back into your body. Comes like clockwork, a sick joke counting backwards to the punchline. It issues it sentence and once your serving you become a slave to it.

They call it reality spasm, come purple ghost rising to the ceiling. A blaze of heat, some ferocious trick devouring the mind. Once your there your home, 13 hours to catch the last fall back into your body. Comes like clockwork, a sick joke counting backwards to the punchline. It issues it sentence and once your serving you become a slave to it.

First it hits the mind, tearing you from your consciousness, and then you go through the next phase.
Your thoughts will go haywire as there thrown violently around your head. your next breath of air is the match to ignite the petrol of your conscience and once its lit reality has kissed you goodbye. Then you see a sign and without reading it you know what it says….

Welcome to
have a nice day………

[2nd plateau]
Enter the night, the next something unbelievable but right now impossible is not a word i understand. Things dont make sense but what is sense? a word? not in this world, not in this state of existence, state of emergency? Once more i say no. After all its my choice to be here, i bought the ticket and left my body so far behind the sky is pretty here, forgot who i am but i dont care.
p r o b l e m s,
p r o b l e m s,
p r o b l e m s
well not now not here. You cant catch me, king of this castle, throne in my head and my crown in my blood, royalty of overlapping reality. its all downhill surreal from here………1st plateau fucked from far off wasnt me or was it? 2nd plateau now, 3rd straight ahead. The clock keeps ticking, the world stopped sticking and the brakes have been cut, no stopping now, no turning back now final exit too far back.
Spread your wings and your soul now fly………

“and the next stage of evolution takes hold…….”

{plateau 3-4}
feels like heaven, but heaven? somethign that meant something, somewhere long ago.. I cant feel pain and i like it fells good. 4th plateau my final stop, i exit the vehicle and admire the scenery. Blood rush to the head it flushes the face, pupils open right up and hand control over to this new reality, dont fail me now. Suddenly i feel my head lol back its heavy, it makes my whole body dilate, my veins are alive now and im distracted again. Here it comes……..

The lights are swirling, revolving around me breaking down and reforming, shattering utter yet remaining flawlessly merged They dance gently sparking the air and setting the world turning in motion. I see people, i see places adn each person in each different place lives a different life each an individual. Im back in my mind safe in the womb of my own world, the air becomes my amniotic fluid i suck it in and spit it out this mothers milk is poison..

The walls are warped , fowing like fluids every noise i make, makes them shudder. Lights return, they form shapes and colours and they plant themselves at my feet and then they grow, a tree is formed and each branch represents the diversity of life. The tree engulfs me , this time in hled in mother natures womb. She holds me and her heart beat becomes my lullaby.

Never alone even her on my own, be it the noise in my head or some entity i find myself speaking to. Somehow the world no longer exists theres just this something im totally lost in. The logic of the real world no longer applies, and a new logic only i understand takes shape within me, now i feel a part of what it is my brith right to be a part of. Out side no more.

And slowly the last fall arrive and im reeling back to reality, my body feels closer im coming back to life. d(d)r(l)e(r)a(o)m(w)w(m)o(a)r(e)l(r)d(d) is leaving me or am i leaving it? Maybe ill never know but ive got all these memories

a treasure of mine alone…..

By downwardspiral

Birth,life....awaiting death


  1. Is that what Wonderland is like? I got fucking dizzy just reading this. Reminds me of alot of drug fueled episodes. I can’t always find the words to do your shit justice, and it’s just as well. All I know is how it makes my head click and I couldn’t possibly put that into words.

    Email me K?
    I haven’t been able to reach my msn account.

  2. I hope this isn’t redundant, cause I just tried to post this, but that fuckin 180 second rule fucked me up…. I like your stuff a lot, I’ve been reading it, I kind of look for it, you have a motherfucking spectacular brain…. what ever that means.

  3. God don’t I agree…..Your work is just [huge space]. I mean how your mind must work to create some of the pieces you write. Its wordless, it is. Wow, I all really must say is Keep your mind and keep it up, cause this is some good shit.

    :.The Melting Pot.:

  4. Im always writing, its something i do from when my eyes open to when they shut at night. Its an escape that i always love to see being appreciated, its why i do what i do. As for everything i have no faith in my own work, its seeing that people enjoy it that gives me faith. I dont write to press ideas or to give morals, that would be forcing my own beliefs on people. i want people to read my work and maybe walk away thinking about something theyve never thought of or thinking about something in a way they never considerd before. If i write and you think, cry, laugh, whimper, have nightmares or inspiring daydreams, moments of enlightenment or even reconsideration then that lets me know that im not wasting my time, and that im succeeding in what im doing. Of course it all depends on your personal views.
    im in the process of compiling my book of which my entire darkness volume is a part of a very important part of. When released it will either be under two titles “unfinished thoughts and poisoned memoirs” or “the book of j3ckyl-societies anomoly” either or, it will be written under the name of downwardspiral. Some side news, i just got a letter from the doctors about returning to see a psychologist about my paranoia, suicidal tendencies, depression and lack of touch with the generally accepted reality.
    But for your faith, thanks.

  5. Downwardspiral,

    Sorry I never read this earlier…
    It was fantastic, so erratic yet structured. It fell into its own pieces of art.

    Great fucking work

  6. DownWardSpiral

    You have some amazing writing, but I have to say this is my favorite. It makes me think of my life and how I think of everything.
    Don’t worry about the doctors. They try to change your thoughts and shit. I’ve been there done that and still have a fucked up life. Doctors think they are the shit, but all they fuckin care about is the fucking money! You’re probably asking what the hell does this have to do with my story! If you go to the doctors, they will try to change you and if they change you where will your amazing stories go! Enough said! I’m out!


  7. Mind blowing? Or Mind activating? I found this both.
    I don’t know if it you have experienced drugs; I haven’t but I think sleep and confusion itself can bring about what you write of so well. I do not want to do drugs, but the experiences that such as you and V1V1 have had and gone through and share are sufficiently vivid enough for me to gain so much from what you write. I call it awesome, but don’t let it go to your heads – I know you won’t.
    I’m glad I wasn’t in that prison, V1V1 – terrifying.
    Thanx from whitelighter

  8. Hey downwardspiral,

    I just read your post again, and I’m still in love with it, fuckin hell I love that post. It’s the artists way of transmitting what they percieve so intricatly, that gives true insight, It’s not that I just understand or relate to the piece, but that I feel it as I read it.

  9. Ok nothing to do with this post but I just have to say this: What the hell is going on!? the bords went dead for godknows how many months then they were back up and about 3 weeks later they went down again and that was a LONG time ago. I think whoever runs this really needs to sort it out so it automaticlly posts things if they don’t have the time to review it

  10. Lol i agree, they do take ages!!!!!!

    Great stroy by the way.

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