Realizing (true)

As I lay there in bed staring up at the ceiling I realize something.
I realize what my life is and how Im running it.
My family life is nothing, no one cares for me, eventhough I care for them, I just never show it by rebelling and yelling.
I realize Im living a dream.
I dream of being famous and in a band, acually being myself, unlike i am now.
Im a nobody whose getting nowhere In life.
I lay there in the darkness staring out into the stars wth tears running down my face.
I know, if I wake up from this dream called my life, Ill probably just end up insane and killing myself, so I dont want to wake up.
Im dazed and confused as I dream of my dreams.
I want to be the person I dream of myself being, but i dont see a way possible.
Im 16, I know Im young, but when is it going to happen for me. When is it my time?
I dont know what to do anymore.
I feel like digging a hole for myself and never coming out again.
I feel like coldness and dark are the only thing I deserve.
My whole life is giving peole advice, but hwy can’t I help myself?
I cant tell anyone about this, because they all will either not cre or say the same thing “your still young give it time” but Im sick of waiting and seeing everone around me succeed.
Im lost, alone. crying, lying, slowly dying.
My soul is dying, along with my spirit.
I dont have anything.
I decide to stick it out, deal with it.
But how long can I live like this?
I know Im not goingto kill myself because I know I could never do that.
So whts else is left?

By WickedHeart

Theres really nothing to me....just pain