The need to be noticed. The thirst for recognition. The urge to stand out. Why is it that the most important things to us revolve around what thers think? If everything people do is based on what other people think, then isnt what the other people think affected by what other people think? And so on and so on and so on into an endless loop of reality?

Is there no escaping this reality loop? Why should the thoughts of others impact our thoughts while their thoughts were impacted by the impacted thoughts of others? Where does it all begin? I want a thought to myself. A pure, unaffected, unpersuaded, introspective thought that has not been raped by the outside world. To do so would bean I would have to live in complete solitary, for being a statistic in a population automatically subjects you to a subjective nature. Even if you live by yourself the rest of your life, if you were at one time exposed to other people, your actions will always and forever be affected by the opinions of others. But if you were born alone and lived alone, perhaps you would officialy be pure of thought, unafflicted by the disease of opinion and society. If everyone is going to live by the standards and normalities as defined by others, lets at least get a clear depiction of the situation. Lets compile a book called The Norm. It will provide operational definitions for ‘normal’ and ‘standard’ in every applicable situation that the meaning could be contradicted. Lets end the fucking confusion. I think there should be a book for everything. The Norm, Relationships, Successful, How To Successfuly Create A Death Cult; all accepted by the world as quickly and without question as Webster’s Dictionary. But until then, go ahead you slave to society, and try to be recognized; but remember that your accomplishment is the opinion of an opinion of an opinion of an opinion….

By *ƒorgotten jessie*

i'm jessie, ur not, so dont attempt to be or act lyke me. thank u. i hate: people who think they kno me, and attempt to understand the workings of my twisted mynd -nD- confouzing quotes and theorys of myne.