Nikki sits on her bed, phone in hand, wondering what to do for the weekend. Her parents were going out of town and wouldn’t be back until Monday. ‘Geez, I have the house and pool to myself..but I don’t want to have a party. Shit!’ She sits and thinks for a while, then dials up her friend and secret crush, Caleb Maloney. ‘Hey Caleb, my parents are gone you want to come hang?..okay be here in 20 mins’ She hangs up the phone.

Nikki runs to her bedroom to get everything ready. She goes and sits on the couch by the window waiting. Ever since she had met Caleb she wanted him, wanted him so bad. A shadow catches her eye. There he stood at the door, clad in flame red hair, black bondage pants, and a button up shirt with flames and skulls. Just the sight of him makes her wet. Nikki runs to the door and lets Caleb in, she locks the door behind her.

They sit down on the couch and begin talking about music and their fasination with blood. Nikki suddenly stands up and grabs Caleb’s hand. ‘What’s with you?’ Nikki flashes Caleb a grin ‘You’ll see.’

She leads him into her room and sits him down on her bed. Caleb looks around and notices two candles already lit. He looks at Nikki while her back is turned and smile mischiviously wondering what she could be up to. Nikki walks over to Caleb and pushes him back on the bed and begins kissing him gently. Shocked by her sudden move he begins kissing her back. ‘I’ve wanted to do this ever since i met you.’ She unbuttons his shirt and kisses him from is mouth down his stomach then reaches over to her nightstand and grabs a candle. Nikki can see the excitement in his eyes. She pours hot wax down his chest and he moans in pleasure. He lifts his head and eyes a cermonial knife on her nightstand. Now it is his turn. He wiggles free of her grip, grabs the knife, turns Nikki over, and rips off her shirt. She squeals in excitement. He takes the knife and drags it across her stomach, Nikki’s moans tell him to do it. He slashes a shallow cut on her chest then makes it deeper causing rose red blood to spill out of the wound. Nikki moans in pleasure. He dips his finger in the blood and drags it across her lips, she licks them clean, then he begins licking her wound and continues licking down he chest and stomach. Yet again Nikki moans in pleasure, she’s so wet and hot she doesnt know what to do with herself. She pulls Caleb up to her face and begins kissing him fiercly. ‘I want you now.’ She reaches down and unbuttons his pants and pulls down his black boxers showing his large, hard penis. He unbuttons her super tight jeans and yanks them off, then slowly pulls of her black flame thong. After doing this, his cock swells even larger. He bends over and kisses her then thrusts his errect dick far inside her she screams in pain and excitment. He continues fucking her faster and faster then she finally reaches her climax, he cums and pulls out of her. He rolls over on his side and holds Nikki close to him. Nikki smiles in the secret darkness of the room. Nikki always gets what she wants.

By @}- ~Black-Rose~

my life has taken a complete turnaround since i found myself as a goth/punk. most think its for worse. but as i sit here writing this i feel as if it is for the best.i may be a social outcast but i am happy deeply, not just on the surface.