Red Rage

Satan’s Spawn
Not buried beneath the lawn
Rather, inside my brain
Making me go insane

You see, I have no choice
For inside my head rings its voice
It gives me no chance
For I go into a trance
It sends me into a Rage
A Red unearthly rampage
During this Rage, all I see is Red
Until I awake at home in my bed
Without a clear memory of what I have done
Only bits and pieces of each one
Of each night filled with blood
And of bodies beneath the mud
And the screams of the dying
And the wails of the crying
All of this and so much more
Ringing out from my inner core
And from my Rage, when I awake
I contemplate suicide for another’s sake
For another Rage will come
With more blood and screams for some
And even when I dream at night
I am awakened by a sight
During my dream, I see the next death
I see who breathes their last breath
While I am dreaming
I hear them screaming
Until, heartpounding, I awake
Knowing whose life is at stake
Again last night, I was awoken
Again last night, my dream was broken
Again last night, I saw my victim true
Last night, in my dream, I saw YOU.

By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.