i wont forget anything about her. i wont forget how i loved her. i was so scared. it scared me to need her so badly.

i wont forget how we were. i wont forget how we were always together. the whole time i had him. i loved him the whole time, too. i still do love him. but she was special, there was something about her. he is everything to me now. shes gone. but i remember how she used to tell me she loved me. i remember every single time. i remember the day my father tried to break my back. she met me as i walked to her house, after. i remember how i was crying. i feel so ugly when i cry. it makes me feel powerless, like i cant control my own being. i remember how she kissed the tears from my cheeks like she was an angel. she told me it would be alright, because she loved me even if my father didnt. i almost believed her. i wanted to so badly. but now im glad i didnt. because everything fell apart. and i still have him. hes my life, hes my everything. but theres this hurt inside, where i feel empty. shes not there anymore. shes something i cant replace. but i remember everything about her… i remember how i was so damned scared…


  1. Man what you felt for her is alot of what I felt for my best friend, she was everything to me, then she changed to the point of where I couldn’t be around her, just looking at the way she ruined her life fucked me up in the head… I dunno, its just weird that someone else could feel that way..

  2. all my best friends and all the people closest to me left. Laura moved to Ipswitch, julie moved the colne, Selina moved to Mauritius, Zephie moved to spain. It’s almost as though people want to get as far away from me as possible. all well.


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