reflections in the mirror

i was walking through a long white hall way. then out of no where these mirrors appeard, above me, below me and on either side. each one was showing a different seen.

different moments in my life where i had sufferd because of one stupid decision i had made. there were many when i was a child. moving down the hall i could see birthdays and smiles love and care. each mirror held a different face some of the people who had hurt me through my life some i may never be able to forgive. other people who made my life happy,. they made it that good it almost didnt’ seem real. in one mirror i could see the hate building up inside of me the memories of long ago they almost seem like a life time ago. i never imagined me life to be the way it is. i never thought i would experience most of the things i have. but one thing i never though would happen is that i would actually come to trust a close friend. it may not sound like much but trust is the hardest thing in the world for me. there are very few people i trust and they are the most important to me. as i near the end of the hall all of a sudden all the happy memories start to fade and darkness covers each mirror. it was like a transformation from light to dark. a cloud of saness and hate comes over me and i think to myself is this wat my life has become can i trust no one anymore???


  1. I myself do not trust; but there are still people out there who are deserving of trust. A thing which should be earned is trust. You needent stop trusting, you simply need to be wary of whom it is you allow to handle your life.


  2. i think i am in synchronisation with julia here,moreover its not always tht people r wrong,its also tht u hav to look upto the fact tht who went wrong n where?b4 indelibly stainin sb. with code of mistrust! rem its a big thing,but all my empathies r with u cath.i hav been through this phase n hav lost n earned a lot…i hav tried to love my enemies n they try to be friends,…but i always failed or maybe they failed me…things rnt the way u always want them to be.all i can say is tht kepp ur head held high n spirits rollin,u will find sum1 u can trust in every soon,..jus be careful with whom u pick n wht u give,n try redefining ur definition of trust…n u r pretty articulate,i appreciate tht! see u n i hav already built a trust of bein honest,remember “its not as bad as it always looks..”

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