regarding vacancy announcement 01-002870-sjb

this is a chaos shaman’s riddle

chimps in action name themselves

but art is science and on false lead they dwell

or if every clue they read

wait for the day of vengance with dark dread

a little searh my riddle clean

and gluten legacy learned surpreme


and darpa dan little did know

if leviathan did know his woes

tiamat has had her day

and now stupids children come and play

if yakuza san did this thing

then reaper all their metal would sing

and if you did see the clues

then able has surely paid his dues

and if morphix is the man

then does any oni understand

poety of samurai

requires that ajar means understand

what is the matrix : shrike36

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By shrike36

chaos shamanism and remote viewing.tool fanatic.ritual magic and mech info .how many mages are web surfing. fung shei rocks.curses thrown or removed.truth about tiamats recent loss.send e-mail for more info