Rejected, denied, left behind…

Rejected, denied, left behind

By the only one I ever cherished

Turned into another torn doll on the shelf

Between an exquisite collection burning in hell

The hell of being rejected, denied, left behind

Broken hearts, raped feelings, shattered dreams

Screaming without a sound, crying without tears

Victims of the same love, of the same criminal

As a new contestant is tenderly invited to the same cradle

Sacred love, precious attention, the reflection of an angel

But soon…SPLASH…the projection of a merciless devil

Freezing indifference, torturing departure

Once again rejected, denied, left behind

Thrown on that shelf, crimson tears turned into stone

As He, an innocent prince, turns back to his throne

Planning maliciously, quietly for the next victim

Not knowing that endless pain leads to wisdom

Leaving the dolls plan silently for their vengeance

Feeding a growing hate, a subtle abhorrence

Preparing to curse him and all of his kind

To be forever rejected, denied, left behind…

By Obscurum-Astrum

I'm good at hurting people if you need any advice.