Released With Beauty

Flowers in the midnight mist

They reach for my eyes.

Wanting to be uncovered

Of the secrets in their lives.

They whisper with the wind

Traveling by my ears

Caressing my mind

With the secrets from the years.

So innocent in their beauty

So full of life and serenity

So peaceful in their solitude

Graceful in life’s infinity.

I close my eyes

I drift to the ground

Safe in my place

Secrets all around

I listen closely to the flowers as they speak

Revealing truths of the future near

They intoxicate me with their offers of escape

Loosening up my soul, obliterating my fear.

I drift unconscious

In complete peace

Free from the mandacity of the world.

Feeling the breath of me begin to slowly cease.

The flowers hold my body tight within their grasp

I’m slipping away

I am soon covered in those sweet smelling colors

Allowing to happen, what may.

The sun breaks out of the night stained clouds

The flowers grasp tight

They melt my body into themselves.

Before the sun seizes my sight.

The flowers sink deeper and deeper into my dying body

Helping my soul to be free

I am gone, my body is vanished.

Wilted away into the magnificent beauty I’ve always wanted to be.

By Jessibel

I don't like the words whatnot and anywho, nosiness, smelly clothes, closed minds, and people who can't argue. I like metal, punk, and techno musics.