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this is my reply to metalatheist..

i see youve been pissed off by the rats that call themselves members of the true religion.well im pissed too.

im a catholic but i dont consider my religion the key to what they call times my own church corrects me and often dis allows me to listen to the same level of music that you like..but then i would only listen still to myself..if you’d ask me if i believe in GOD,yes..thats why i listen to mr.benton or arraya..though they call themselves the modern blashpererions,they speak of some truths and what they see,in their point of view,about christianity.i dont blame them..who i blame are the people who thinks they are the only ones worthy of the god-made paradise waiting for us on the afterlife.i really find them annoying like shit.they often look at other people’s lives and compare it to their’s saying that we are wrong and they’re iv seen it nobody’s right,exept for those people who are down to earth with the principle of working their way into that paradise and compare themselves with other people;the people who doesnt see the mistakes of those that are different from what they believe in..damn those who consider themselves perfect and those who call themselves the favorite children of GOD..


  1. You’re right ! What do these people have to say about other religions ??? Everyone’s different, let people live ! I hate these ‘holier than thou’ people who are only happy when they think they’re better than every one else just because of their god-damm religion !!! To hell with them anyway !!! They should stop fucking up everyone’s lives because of it !

  2. Haha. God-damn religion. Who the hell says that in the same sentence?
    To hell with them. Fuck, man. Here you go saying you hate those people who make such a big deal out of religion, and you don’t like it when people think they are better than other because of their religion. To hell with them! HAHAH. You…just did what you hate. You did what other people do, that thing you hate. Holier than thou. To hell with them… means they are not worthy of you or god. NOW YOU ARE THE ONE BEING HOLIER THAN THOU.
    Man, people contradict themselves in the stupidest way.

    I’ll go pass out now.

  3. Wish I was drunk enough not to understand you, Intox…. but that has to wait until I finish recovering from that pesky surgery. I contradidct myself all the time, realizing it is the first step to changing it.


  4. I re-read that and it didn’t make any sense to me at all.

    Let’s try this again.
    Lifeisdeath, you said you don’t like those people with the whole “holier than thou” personality. And those who think that they have the supreme religion and everyone else will burn in hell. Then you go and say,”I hate these ‘holier than thou’ people who are only happy when they think they’re better than every one else just because of their god-damm religion” and “to hell with them..”
    Hmmm.. now wouldn’t those words make you seem like the person who is holier than thou? They can go to hell because they think they are better than you, and you are damning them because you think you are better. You’ve become what you hate.

    I bet tomorrow I’ll read that and it still won’t make sense. I tried though.

    Nevar, you’re a good person. That’s all I have to say for now.

  5. You didn’t understand what I wrote. Then again, I always write things nobody can understand… that’s just me… what I meant to say was : why don’t they just leave people alone and live their lives ?
    That’s what gets to me.

  6. I did understand what you were trying to get at, but by saying those sentences you contradicted yourself.

    “why don’t they just leave people alone and live their lives ?”
    Simple. Almost everyone thinks they are better than others. ESPECIALLY when it comes to religion. “You’re going to hell for being a -place any religion name here-. You should switch to my religion because it’s the right one.” That’s the way it is with most people.
    If everyone let others just live their lives then the world would be a lot more peaceful. There wouldn’t be wars or any kind of negative things happening. Do you really think people will realize that what they do is preventing “world peace”? Or even neighborhood peace?! Even the smallest things have to do with the picture on a whole.

    No one can let anything be left alone.

  7. But why not ??? Then they complain because life is hell, when they’re the ones that make it so horrible. I hate them for that.

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