Remember the Darkness

When darkness comes for you and you have nothing to hold on to; you get sucked in. It’s like this black hole with this inescapable vortex swirling you around and around until you feel you can’t take it any more.

You can cry, scream, cut; but no one’s there. You’re all alone. What else is there to do but accept and embrace what cannot be reversed. This darkness is emminent. It will have you and you are powerless against it.

You must stand your ground and not fear those shadows that plague your blinded eyes as the you stare into the black abyss.

Never forget that the light and the darkness are one in the same, they just take on different forms. One will hold you, one will keep you. No matter what happens, never forget the darkness. Even when you stand in the light, and think upon old days come and gone, remember the darkness.


  1. once again you amaize me morning star i expect alot from you


  2. Amazing….everything you write about is all i have inside of me, waiting to be released…i express my thoughts the way i see them but they dont seem to come out the way yours do….keep captivating us with your works….

  3. thanx, all of you. i’m glad that you all like my work, and that it even touches some of you.

  4. Q: what do you call a black person in an antique shop???

    A: old farming equipment

  5. ^^^^^^^^^what the fuck does that have to do with anything in this message??

  6. beats the hell out of me. no clue. he’s probably on something again.

  7. Q: how do you get a gay man out of a tree??????

    A: cut the rope

    hahahahaha, i love racist jokes.

  8. Uck, man. I really hope I never used to talk like you people do. It looks all stupid to me, how you try and write like that.

    The darkness doesn’t “come for you”. You go to it. You make the choice, you make the steps. You choose whether to be happy or not.

  9. Homosexual jokes, aren’t race jokes.

    The first one was a race opression joke. But a homosexual male isn’t a race. I’d find it great if you got the crap beaten out of you, by a black homosexual though.

  10. my stories don’t always make sense to everyone. many of them have different meanings depending on the way you interpret them. i don’t write (nor do i claim to write) the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. i write what comes to my head. if it doesn’t make sense to you, maybe it will to someone else though.

  11. Much <3 to MourningStar.
    She makes more sense to me than most other people I’ve talked to. Or read of their work.


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