Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

It was cold. Silver and cold. But it was such a beautiful night. It was a light drizzle as River and Lana walked along the edge of the woods. Walking to their secret spot and holding hands, the moon hung halfway behind a cloud. They walked a little further and soon were at the small clearing with the patch of grass in the middle. Lana layed down on the patch of grass and gave River and dark, sexy look. River smirked and layed beside Lana.

“You’re beautiful tonight.” he said, leaning on his elbow.

He stroked the side of her cheek and leaned his forehead against hers. River slipped his arm around Lana’s waist and pulled her closer to him.

“I’ll be here forever.” River said.

“Will you?” Lana asked, staring deep into his brown and blue eyes.

“Forever.” River leaned in and kissed Lana’s lips.

He slipped his toungue inside her mouth and pulled her closer. River layed ontop of her and kissed her again. Lana kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He moved to her neck and started lightly sucking on it. River took a light bite and made her gasp when he pulled on her skin. He didn’t bother to pull off her fishnet shirt because it already revealed her blood red bra.

Lana pulled off River’s shirt and started sucking on his neck, moving down his chest and to his torso. She wasn’t sure what to do at that moment so moved back up to his face and kissed his lips once more. Staring up into those beautiful brown and blue eyes, she said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” River said.

Her eyes were florescent to the moonlight as River looked into her eyes.

“Forever.” he said. “I’ll never leave you.”


It was a bright and early morning. The sun was shining through the blinds and bounced off Lana’s face. Great morning, bad night, she thought. For it was a bad night. Dark shadows in her dreams, falling backwards.

I’ve gotta get something to eat, she thought. Lana walked to the kitchen and picked out a box of Fruity Pebbles. Taking down a red bowl, she poured the cereal into the bowl and then went to the fridge for the milk. While she was picking up the jug the phone rang.

Picking up the cordless from the counter she said, “Hello?”

“Yes, is this Miss Lana Simons?” a manly voice asked.

“Yes, this is she. May I ask who’s calling?” Lana asked.

“This is the Texas Police Department. We’re calling in regards of your boyfriend, River Daniels.” the man said.

“What happened? Did he get arrested?” Lana asked.

She chuckled under her breath and began pouring milk into the bowl.

“Um…no..he was murdered.”

The milk jug fell out of Lana’s hands. Murdered? she thought.

“We’re extremely sorry, ma’am.” the man said.

“I…I…” Lana blacked out, dropping the phone and fell to the ground.


“Lana….wake up…”

There was a distant voice.

“Lana….it’s me…”

Lana began to come to.


Her head ached and there was a huge pain in the back of her head. Opening her eyes, she realized she was in her kitchen.

“What happened?” Lana sat up quickly. In fact, too quickly.

Her heart was racing. What had happened? It was a phone call. She had fell. Because….River was murdered. Why?

“Where’s River?!” she cried.

“Now honey, you need to go and lay down…”

“No! I need to find him! He can’t be dead!” Lana got up from the floor and ran through the hall and out the front door. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she ran through the neighbors yard and to the woods.

Running through the trees, all she could see was a green and brown blur. She heard voices but they soon faded when she reached her destination. The small clearing with the patch of grass in the middle. It was then she realized she was still in her clothes she was wearing the night before. Running to the patch of grass, fell onto it and cried. She cried and cried and cried.

Her tears fell onto the patch of grass and soaked the dirt.

“You said you wouldn’t leave me!” Lana cried. “You said you’d be here….forever.”

She buried her face into her arms and cried even harder. No no no no, she thought. There was a rustling noise. Lana’s head popped up.

“Who’s there?” she called.

No answer.

She shrugged and put her head back down onto the cool grass. The grass she layed on when they first….

A snap of a twig.

Her head popped back up. She saw a white mist floating near her. She stood up onto her knees.

“Who…are you?” she asked.

Why did she just ask that? It’s a white mist. In the middle of a wood? The white mist took shape. It was River. Lana’s mouth dropped open. River dropped to his knees beside her and said, “Remember when I said I’d be here forever?”

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.