This poem is dedicated to Nathaly Bautista which she will be missed by all who cared for her.

You might of known her for many years
and shared moments with many tears,
You might of known her a few days
you felt like you’ve known her forever
knowing her heart like a firey blaze,
She had a good heart, soul, and kind
personality, you wished you knew her
longer, one of those poeple was me.
Her smile was like the sunshine glowing
like a beautiful spring hour, her hair waved
like the wind blowing a flower, until her time
had come, when she had to leave, it was a
unbearable moment which you didn’t want
to believe, even if you were one of those,
people who new her for many years, but
never knew her, you had wished you have
known her sooner, but you know she is in
a better place, and she will always be with
you in your heart, even if you can’t see her,
you’re never apart.

By Vampyre Lestat

This world is so confusing, I can't understand how I am so different from the rest, of course i have my own opinions and speak my mind all the time. People deserve to know the truth about themselves. I am still young and ignorant towards things, I have a fascination of learning about the dark arts like, gothic culture, vampirism, and stuff like that. I'm not a wannabe or anything like that, i'm not going to say I am anything, you can judge what I am because I don't even know what I am. So if u wish judgement on me, be my guest. And I would also like to give a dedicating rememberance to a special friend, NATHALY BAUTISTA (1989-2003) "We will always remember you always" With Love and Care.....Farewell my friend.