Man, this new year is just getting started and we’ve already lost a beloved celebrity. It sucks. Now I do concede that both the words “beloved” and “Celebrity” in this case are relative. Ferrer, who was only 61, most assuredly was a movie star, but not one universally recognizable to the man on the street. He was a “that guy” type of actor, a character actor, who did tons of films and TV shows but never featured as a headliner. The kind of performer you’d be watching a flick and you’d say, “Oh, it’s that guy.” He initially came to my attention as a standout for his role in the original ROBOCOP. He was the sleazy businessman who got killed by Red Foreman from THAT 70s SHOW (actor Kurtwood Smith, another “that guy”).

Ferrer won my heart, though, and the hearts of countless others who belong to the cult of TWIN PEAKS lovers, for his role as the trash-talking, snobbish, obnoxious, peacemaking and love-advocating (if you’re a fan of the show, you know why these attributes are not contradictory for the character) FBI agent, Albert. With TWIN PEAKS set to return to the airwaves in just 5 months, it’s devastating to think that Ferrer won’t be a part of it. He’d already filmed material for the show, yes, but there’s now a cut-off point for how long we, the viewers, will get to have him. Godspeed, Albert.