Renditions of Reality

As I remenice of old times
good or bad now past
I cant help but write these rhymes
not to think to fast
I found a peace in open minds
experimental feelings in this void of life
amazing what wisdom through adventure find’s
as I feel the cool edge of the knife
not to die or end anything this night
only to reveal a new truth in the unknown
past the level of fear w/ a fight
imagination flying when never has flown
all new and exciteing are these experiences
and ever opening my eyes to realizations
that death being nothing to fear just the apperances
and spritual awakenings not paralizations.
These lifes times bad or good
not cursed but blessed
in an artists eyes best pictures could
fortell what end, without rest.

By Wicked Juggalo Widit

I am a 23 year old Juggalo, my loves are music, art, poetry, expression, feelings, adventure, and just about trying to have all the fun and all the new expieriences good or bad before I die. Only got a short time enjoy it while you can.