Requiem For an 18 Year Old Child

(Feel), feel my pain,
it’s what I want?
no, who gives a fuck,
Im just stuck,inside my mind

(Hate),hate everyone,
they fucked me up as a child,
its so cliche, I hate myself

(But Why?)because i feel,
because I think,because I cant
release myself,because I’m tired
of laying down,becuase I just
wanna be a child!

(It hurts) that I can say
what the fuck I feel,because I’m
dumb,because I’m scared,because I don’t
want to feel ashamed,I don’t want anyone
to pity me!!, I don’t need no fucking help

And there’s a voice
I yells at me(you’re not a fag)
It makes me think(you’re not weak)
It screams at me(it’s dumb to feel)
It’s scaring me(you’re not a queer)
please mommy, make it go away!!

(Fuck)I’m giving up, cause I’m still hiding,
I say I’m fucked, but never why,and I can’t
express what is the problem,so I create,
this fucked up poem

(Lost)Is how I am,don’t say you care,
don’t say you understand, that’s bullshit!!
That’s why I dont talk,you can never understand,
unless you’re as fucked as I am

Now Im’m here laying in bed(say it!!)
I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad, I’m sorry sis,
I’m sorry, my friends, for waht I’m about to say
I Hate you all!!!!
Wish you were dead!!!!

(get up)
(grab that knife)
(kill them, kill them all!!)
(now cut your arm!!)
(feel your blood)
(Isn’t It warm)yes it is
(Don’t you feel calmed)yes I do
(now lay down,close your eyes)

I open my eyes again,
see a dark silouhette,and I say:
“mommy??, are you there??”
-No little boy, I’m not your mom,
but don’t be afraid,
I’ll tuck you in,
now you’re safe
I’ll read you a story,
now, grab your teddy bear,
close you’re eyes,
everything is now ok.
I feel her touch,
it’s very cold, but somehow,makes me feel ok
it feels so warm, so calmed inside, now I realized why,
because I’m dead