resistance; a poem about failed revolution…

Like a bullet piercing
Through my soul
These walls are coming down
With a sledge I hammer
With some courage I dear
Like stones breaking glass
I’m breaking the barriers

I’m hoping to see
on the other side;
light and sunshine
These walls
Are ruinin’ the sight
These bricks
They will fall down

Shattered glass
Everywhere I step
Blood under my feet
Redemtion and death…
The resistance has failed!

I suppose I’m the only one who understands the full meaning of it, but I guess that’s what it’s usually like…

By cut and bound, alone in the dark...

Im a Norwegian Commie, and I dont got anything to do so I sit all day and write a lot of bulls**t poetry n' stuff... That and I listen to music like Marilyn Manson, Deftones and that kinda stuff....