He has haunted me for as long as I can remember. He’s been a dark shadow always hovering over me. He stalks me in my dreams; lurks in the shadows of my every nightmare.

His black mask covers the visage that I’ve longed to see. Is he a family member supposedy long lost? A friend I’ve turned for reasons I could not control? Tonight, I will have my answers.

I stand face to mask with my stalker…He’s been berating me, torturing me when I have failed. Now’s my chance to end it all. For all the times that he’s mocked me; now I’ll have my revenge.

Though I can’t see his eyes, I can feel them bore into me. I thrust the dagger deep into his abdomen and hear the air rush out of him. I feel a surge of emtion. Now is my time; yet, I hesitate. I fear the truth. What friend and trusted confidant will I have to lose when I discover his identity?

In the darkness room it can be anyone. But now is not a time for contemplation; it is a time for answers.

My stomache fills with butterflies as I grasp the base of the mask. When I pull up I reveal a mouth that I have studied many times. Noting each of the curves and crevices. A nose whose slope is gentle and straight. When I look into his eyes I feel a searing pain in my stomache. I reach down and feel the warmth of my own blood.

I’ve seen those eyes before. I’ve stared at them many times and got lost in their icy cold tundras. My enemy for so long…How can it be….me?