Power and strength, that is stolen from the souls of mortals who try to walk the line but end up falling down on their hands and knees begging to be spared. Just laugh and kill them, remember what they did to you, they said they were your friend but then when you needed them most where were they?

So wrapped up in their petty problems worrying about the pebbles instead of the boulders and not seeing they were only helping you fall into this pit of darkness. Your prison is yourself thanks to them, so why listen to them when they don’t listen to you? Can you feel their fear? Can you taste it? No. Why? Because they think they know you, they think that you will spare them. HA! Let them run, let them try to hide. You have their scent, the evilness of betrayal. And before they take their last breath say to them,
“Revenge is a bitch huh?”

By poisenpop

i like to write stories. most "normal" people dont like them.