Revenge Is A Dish That Is Best Served Cold

She steps into the road, hatchet in hand and an evil smile showing a toothy grin. Slowly walking, yet traveling over a long distance quickly she finds her prey. Chatting away on the computer, starting her little rumours that drive this fed up lass to do the extreme. Our little freak picked a day wisely, one where only the bitch would be home. With the stealth of a panther, she stalks her prey silently. Through the back door of the white house she goes, and for once the door does not creak. Step one is down and only four more to go. Making her way through the kitchen and dining room, she finds her prey unsuspecting. Typing away as her life drifts by like fog. Through the head the hatchet does go.

Beautiful blood splashing on the flood…. on the monitor & windows. A look of surprise forever etched into the face of evil. And our heroin drinks to her little heart’s content. The evil is gone, her life now normal. Oh, and yes. A hunger now quenched, the beast satiated inside.

copyright 2001 NW

By NightWild

To all those out there who for some reason can't stand me...... here's a nice little pole to shove up yer nether regions.