This is likely going to be the first and only FOOD review I will do for this or any other site. Except for when I buy one of the OTHER flavors of the new Funko cereal line. This article, though, will still be the FIRST food review I’ve ever done, so it’s still something of a milestone.

The first cereals Funko has released are the Jason and Freddy cereals. I ordered my box of Jason-Os on last Friday the 13th. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I had some of it for breakfast this morning. That’s right, friends. I did what most collectors would not even dream of doing. I opened the box! I ate the cereal! I mean, I had to open it, to get the mini Jason figure included inside. (Yep, Funko is keeping up that grand old tradition of cereal boxes having prizes inside.) I carefully resealed the box, so that you’d have to x-ray it to know that there was no cereal inside it. Then I poured myself a bowl of bloody red little loops.

How’d it taste? Like cereal. Nobody is going to be buying these products for the taste, anyway, but the Jason cereal tastes like any other generic fruity cereal. It’s supposed to turn your milk a bloody red, but it didn’t. Granted, I was using cashew milk and not dairy, so maybe that’s why.

Anyway, the cereal is adequate. The BOX, though, is terrific, and the little Jason figure is adorable. I loved it, and so will other Monsterkidz.

Hurry up with those other releases, Funko!