I’d intended to see this one when it was in theaters, but it came out at a crazy busy time for me and I never made it to a showing. I anticipated its release on video, then, with eagerness, and I wasn’t disappointed. I actually found it to be an even better film than I had expected. It’s sharp, hip, funny, disturbing, and inventive. Throw in solid acting overall, and especially from star Daniel Kaluuya, who portrays the lead character, Chris, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Kudos to writer-director Jordan Peele for a job well done.

Anything else I could say would risk spoiling the movie’s twist, so to speak. Maybe that’s a non-issue, considering how long the film’s been out, but there could be a few more folks like me, people who wanted to see the movie but just couldn’t find the time. Out of deference to them, then, I will try to control myself. Is it a spoiler to say that the movie is, to admittedly oversimplify it, THE STEPFORD WIVES (the 1970s original, not the awful remake with Nicole Kidman) except with black people instead of women? There’s more to it than that, though, and it surprises you in the end, when you learn the true motivation of the “bad guys.” It’s clever.

Okay, no more. Just trust me and watch the movie if you haven’t already. It’s good.