It seemed that there were three movies I kept reading about, all released at roughly the same time, all supposed to be abnormally good. Those films were THE BABADOOK, IT FOLLOWS and GOODNIGHT, MOMMY. (In actuality, they were each separated by several months apiece and weren’t released at the same time at all, but such is the tendency towards flawed perception and recollection we humans are infamous for.) I eagerly anticipated being able to watch each of these pictures, and when each became available I hurriedly snatched it up. The wait, as they say, was well worth it where THE BABADOOK and IT FOLLOWS were concerned, as the twain represent the epitome of intelligent, quality Horror over the past couple of decades. This past week I got to see GOODNIGHT, MOMMY. Did it measure up? What are the odds that all three of those movies for which I had built up such grand expectations would deliver the goods?

Creepy kids, when done right, or cast right, can be very effective, and GOODNIGHT, MOMMY is essentially a creepy kids movie, and a good one. (Granted, it flirts with other subgenres; at times it becomes almost Torture Porn, ala SAW.) Though it is my least favorite of the aforementioned trinity, it is still a taut, well-acted, and well-made film, and thus earns my recommendation.