This one is going to be tricky. How to give a proper if brief review without giving anything away? Should I just go ahead and announce a SPOILER WARNING here at the outset? Probably, to be on the safe side. Without giving away any plot points, then, for those who wish to avoid them, I will proclaim that I found SHUT IN to be pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Why didn’t it rate higher than it did? Can’t tell you without giving away intrinsic plot points. If you desire to avoid having the surprise ruined for you, then, you must stop reading now and deal with a vague “pretty good” as the sum total of the review. As for the rest of you, read on.

Not kidding. I’m about to give it all away. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.

They really missed an opportunity to achieve some major creepiness by making the would-be killer her STEP-son. It would have been SO much more effective if they’d made him her biological offspring. Tell me that bathtub scene wouldn’t have made you squirm, had that been the case. A crazy teen obsessed with his mother, to the point that he’s willing to pretend to be in a coma—and kill anybody who gets in his way—just to have her all to himself. There’s some real dramatic meat on that bone. A crazy STEP-son? Not so meaty.

Also, SHUT IN is really predictable in places,

ALSO, also, as an English major, I have to tell the studio that SHUT IN should have been hyphenated. The title should be SHUT-IN. Unless they intended the title to be a descriptor and not a noun. But they weren’t clear on that, so my quibble stands, either way.