I realize I say this quite often, it seems, that I’d wanted to go see such-and-such at the theater but I was, ad nauseam, too busy. The truth is, there’s a rating system I have in my head for movies, and any particular movie lands somewhere on that scale before I ever even watch it. There are the movies I absolutely have to see as soon as they open; those are at the top of the list. One rung lower on the ladder are the films I want to see in theaters but I don’t have to see them opening weekend. Below that are the movies where I’ll wait for them to go to the discount theater. Then come the ones I’ll wait to see on video. Below that are the ones I’m only half interested in seeing, and below THAT the ones I have no interest in at all. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT originally occupied level two, then slid down to level three. It became a level four because I was, you guessed it, too busy to see it before it disappeared from theaters altogether. I finally got to watch it last night. I’m pleased to say it lived up to my expectations.

Essentially it’s THE HUNGER GAMES set in the corporate world–which many folks would say is only too appropriate. There’s a deeper meaning, too, concerning the breakdown of humanity in the face of extreme circumstances. It makes you ask yourself some uncomfortable questions. If you were put in such a situation, what would you do? And how many of the people you know and associate with every day would not hesitate to kill you if THEY were put in that same situation? An entertaining film that makes you think, THE BELKO EXPERIMENT is smart Horror. And we fans should always encourage smart Horror when we find it. See this movie.