Quentin Tarantino’s latest offering isn’t strictly a Horror movie, per se, but it skews close enough that I figure it warrants a mention here. THE HATEFUL EIGHT may be the most unabashedly, gleefully bloody picture of Tarantino’s career thus far, and that’s a good thing. Set in the same quirky Old West world as DJANGO UNCHAINED, although there is no obvious connection between the two films, THE HATEFUL EIGHT (or, as I’ll refer to it from here on out, H8-ful 8) ratchets up the violence and the FX. Lots of exploding heads in this one. The story doesn’t suffer any due to the extra-added bloodshed, though, and the acting is as top-notch as any fan would expect. Do I recommend H8-ful 8? Wholeheartedly—IF you’re a Tarantino fan. But if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, anyway.

The consensus among the few critics who’ve chosen to gripe is that the film is too bloody, too violent, especially towards women, and that there are large sequences of dialogue not broken up by other action. In other words, all the stuff Tarantino is famous for. Why didn’t they just say they don’t like the guy’s work and save time? Oh, yeah, because these are people who get paid to find fault and complain. They’ve got a quota to fill. But honestly, if there wasn’t SOME stiff complaining that the movie is too violent, I suspect Quentin would be disappointed.

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