This was one of those that Netflix recommended, based upon my viewing history. Normally I’m leery of anything they suggest, as they’ve been WAY off before in their estimations of what I’d like. I can’t blame them too much, though; my tastes in movies, while skewing heavily towards Horror, are pretty much all over the board. I love cheesy bad Horror films, the likes of what you get from, say, Full Moon Entertainment, yet I find offerings like SCARY MOVIE to be a complete waste of time and harmful to my brain cells. I aspire to a highbrow discriminatory palate, crave intelligence and originality, yet adore the FRIDAY THE 13th movies. No wonder it’s hard to predict what I will or won’t enjoy.

Anyway. VISIONS. Was Netflix right this time? Did I like it? Yes. Yes, I did. Quite a bit, actually. It’s an odd duck of a film, and I mean that in a mostly good way. See, VISIONS manages to be both predictable and surprising at the same time. To try to elucidate without giving away too much of the plot, there is one twist that I saw coming almost from the beginning, yet the other twist, or, more accurately, the unfolding of the storyline that supports the primary plot twist, is completely fresh and inventive. It made me do a double-take as far as my overall impression of the movie. A triple-take, really. I liked it, then I didn’t, then I did again. (It’s also unusual in that it features actresses Isla “Mrs. Borat” Fischer and Gillian Jacobs of COMMUNITY in serious roles, playing it straight. Even when the story goes all crooked like a snake.) Check this one out, peeps.