Ripped apart from the sleeping melody
A violence seen nowhere in memory
This action’s only a parody
Of what’s ripped her apart

Ripped from her parents as a child
Drowing in her own bile
She tried to fight but was banned to the wild
Of the streets of San Diego

Ripped out of her skin
So fucking sick of the body that she’s in
In the fight there is no way to win
All she knows is violence

Ripped off from a store
She feeds on what she doesn’t pay for
A witness to her own pain and gore
Waiting for the hand to lead her home.

In memory of Jane, who was always there for me. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for her at her one time of need, her time of dying.

By QuietFairWarning

Russian Roulet- My favourite game. Death- my favourite state of being. Suicide- yeah, within 24 hours of writing this probably.