When you watch movies and you see an eagle flying and hear that distinctive screech they make, did you know that isn’t what eagles really sound like? It’s true. Eagles honk like a goose. They always use the screech of a hawk or a falcon because it sounds so much better. It wouldn’t do to show the proud, majestic, beautiful eagle and hear it go “honk!” Likewise, I find it particularly amusing when they show vultures circling overhead and they add the screeching of a hawk. In fact, vultures have no vocal chords!

When I read that scientists had determined what the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex would’ve sounded like, I was afraid it would end up being something silly-sounding, like the honking of a giant goose, as opposed to the terrifying roar we see–or rather hear–in the JURASSIC PARK movies. I needn’t have worried. They say the sound would have been even more ominous than what we hear in the movies. Like, causing the ground to vibrate ominous. Clanging of a bell of doom ominous. Appropriate for the greatest land predator Nature ever designed, in other words. I wanna hear it! Sadly, we have to wait for the airing of the TV special “The Real T-Rex with Chris Packham” on BBC 2 on January 2.