Rory (bad title, i know)

“Rory? I said I love you…” Vance whispered to me, playing with my black streaked lock. The words came out of his mouth smoothly, confidently. I only regretted that I couldn’t echo them back to him.

I sat stunned. Stunned that this boy could feel that much for someone like me. Stunned that he could feel this is in only two months. Stunned by the honesty in his eyes and how they shimmered intently waiting for my answer. I looked up into his eyes for just a moment longer, searching them franticly. I wanted them to tell me how this could possibly be true; I wanted them to demolish the doubt that took over me for not feeling the same.

They gave me all I needed which only made it worse, knowing I hadn’t given him this. He looked back and read me like a book, I always admired that about him, the way he could tell what I was feeling even before I uttered a word to him. That and the way he instinctively opened himself up to me, as if he always knew he could depend on me. His eyes dulled a little, once he knew I didn’t love him back. Just the same, he formed his lips into a reassuring smile.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to love me back. It doesn’t change how I feel though”
I tried to smile back, but all my lips managed was a twitch, “I…” I started fumbling for words, trying to manipulate my stubborn tongue. I began to collapse into him after my failure to talk, he was one step ahead of me and pulled me into him with the arm he had resting on my shoulder. I let my head fall snuggly into his shoulder, shut my eyes and just sat there with the boy who loves me…

By tcg

u'know those headaches you get from headbanging & having music blasting? im the kinda person that likes 'em.


  1. Beautiful. I’ve always wondered what I would do if something like that happened to me. All I want is to be able to honestly say “I love you” when someone says it to me, and I know I won’t say it unless I truly mean it, it’s too important to lie about.

  2. I agree.
    I have once saaid to my (now ex) g/friend that I loved her. Her response was that love is too strong a word for her feeling’s.

  3. Great story, I was onced coersed into saying “I love you” back to some guy, it ruined the whole relationship. I started feeling weird and he started to annoy me, so I broke up with him and he started stalking me. I had to get a restraining order against him. Crazy. But what a cool guy to not make your character say it back, and not get upset or hurt since she didn’t.

  4. I used to laugh when people said they loved me. it sort of meant success to me – like the game was over and i’d won. God, I was such a fuckup.
    Now when D says it, it means the game is just beginning and I’ve won anyway.

    I hate when people abuse the word love, saying things they don’t mean, just because they think they should, or because they think it’s true. If you have to think then it’s not love. I only wish more people knew that.

  5. thanks, i re-wrote this and and have a plot :0! let’s just say he doesn’t take it as well as we thought it might….but thank you for your input!

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