Rose Petals on Still Water

I hold a rose up to my chest and
think of the man who gave it to me
out of his love, then i go towards the
lake and carefully pick each rose petal
of of its thorny stem, and gently set it
in the water, after all the petals are
off the stem, making the stem having
a feeling of naked, i see each petal
floating away, they looking like a
piece of scattered glass on the water’s
surface, i treasure the moment, and
watch the sunset gleam in the dusk sky
the sun hitting the water like a metor
flaming down from the sky, and crashing
into the water, scattering the rose petals to
bits and pieces, i go home and rest in my bed
until i go to sleep dreaming the night away of
my love who dauos the briar rose, such beauty
and passion, dreaming of him of every second
of my thoughts and desires.

By Vampyre Lestat

This world is so confusing, I can't understand how I am so different from the rest, of course i have my own opinions and speak my mind all the time. People deserve to know the truth about themselves. I am still young and ignorant towards things, I have a fascination of learning about the dark arts like, gothic culture, vampirism, and stuff like that. I'm not a wannabe or anything like that, i'm not going to say I am anything, you can judge what I am because I don't even know what I am. So if u wish judgement on me, be my guest. And I would also like to give a dedicating rememberance to a special friend, NATHALY BAUTISTA (1989-2003) "We will always remember you always" With Love and Care.....Farewell my friend.