Rubber Chucky, You’re the One

Over at our sister site WEREWOLVES.Com I was kvetching this week about the prohibitive costs of shipping-and-handling for those adorable little Tubbz character-based rubber ducks from Numskull Designs. The ducks themselves aren’t too pricey, but damn, you gotta cut off a couple of fingers to get them shipped to the good ol’ US of A from their native Britain or wherever. I most want the classic Hammer Monster series, but I’d also like to have the Gremlin duck and the Chucky duck (pictured). If you feel like sacrificing a couple of fingers or toes, you can order the ducks here.

Speaking of Chucky, Don Mancini has teased us with a solitary image promising the return of CHUCKY, the TV series, sometime this year. The show just blew me away with how good it was, and I’m crazy stoked for its return. Mancini didn’t tell us *when* exactly the series will return, other than that it’ll drop sometime in 2022. Considering how long STRANGER THINGS goes between seasons, I guess we should just be glad the little guy is returning as soon as he is.

*sigh* I may have to order that duck. Both of them. All of them. I may be missing some digits, but I’ll have myself a cool collection of rubber duckies!

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