So tired of this burden
nothing but rumors unspoken
heard only in hollow ears
my lost innocence
thus shedding in tears

A crucified little crow
cut off dirty wings
and face your filthy fear
what no one wishes to hear
truth whithin our shrieks

Fighting upon the flesh of one
down to his mutilated soul
hatred has finally overcome
coaughing his mephetic blood
spitting the last of his pathetic love

“Beleive” I was told
thus my life has been sold
bought by the culprit of my nightmare
a beauthiful horned angel
controlling my deamons at the tip of her fingers

So here I spitt befor our occulted father
a pityful attempt
becoming much of a bother
weakness is humanity
thus theyre I live in an enmetic profanity

I shall not be turned to dust
by what is love or lust
but I shall fall asleep
to the sweet melody of the raven
the voice of my beloved maiden

By innocent_child

I'm a french / english poet...a dark / morbid romantic...