Sasha and Danyel

Danyel walked up behind Sasha, and put her arms around his waist. Smelling the scent of white musk on his shirt made her want him even more. So, just to heat things up a bit, she opened her mouth just enough to bite his shoulder.

Danyel walked up behind Sasha, and put her arms around his waist. Smelling the scent of white musk on his shirt made her want him even more. So, just to heat things up a bit, she opened her mouth just enough to bite his shoulder. He was anticipating this, because he also smelled the scent of lavender in her hair – he loved that gentle smell just as much as he loved the feel of her teeth sinking into his skin. He moaned and turned around to face her as she removed her hands from his waist and ran her fingers through his dark brown ringlets of hair as he wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and pressed his fingertips into the low of her back. She sighed and stood upon her tiptoes as Sasha pressed his lips against her forehead. “There goes Mr. Winky again”, she said with a giggle. “I suppose he’d like to have a slumber party with Miss Kitty?” Sasha then looked down at the throbbing bulge in his right pant leg and said, “Whaddaya’ think, Mr. Winky? He agrees”, Sasha snickered as his hand found hers and he led her down the hallway to their bedroom door. Danyel then leaned against the door, pushing it open with her back while pulling Sasha in by his shirt. Upon entering the room, Danyel pulled off Sasha’s shirt and unbuttoned his slacks, watching them slide down his hips until they fell to a heap on the floor. Sasha then laid Danyel upon the bed and unbuttoned her blouse and then slid his hips between her legs. “Wow, what a great pair of knockers!” he thought to himself as he looked down at Danyel’s bare chest. She hadn’t worn a bra that day for some reason – and this must have been it. Sasha then made a trace of kisses down Danyel’s “happy trail” which unfortunately ended right above the hem of her skirt. “We’ll just have to do something about that”, he said with a smirk as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a hunting knife. Danyel gazed at the knife as a look of bewilderment crossed her face – a look which she could see very clearly in the gleam of the blade. But, she didn’t say a word, because Sasha was in control – and whatever he wanted, he would have, because this was “his” night. Then just as Danyel was starting to drift off into oblivion, she felt the blade of the knife cross down between her breasts, and down her torso, where the blade met with her skirt. Sasha then made a small cut in the hem, causing her skirt to split open and slide from around her hips. He then slid her skirt out from under her hips and threw it on the floor. Then as gently as he had done before, he took the knife and slid the blade back up her chest until making a stop right below her right collar bone. She gasped in pleasure from the chill of the blade on her warm, glowing skin. This pleased Sasha, and he made a small incision where he stopped the blade before. Then, as he watched the crimson puddle grow and trickle down her skin, he moved in closer and lapped at the cut. Danyel squealed with delight at the feel of his soft lips and rough tongue upon her naked skin and dug her nails into his back. Because of the rush of pain and delight, Sasha arched his back and roughly bit down on Danyel’s shoulder to keep from screaming. Her too being in the same predicament as her lover, Danyel bucked her hips up against Sasha’s, and they both moaned in unison. Sasha then laid the knife on the nightstand next to their bed and moved down on her just far enough to capture her black, lace panties between his teeth and slid them down her legs. Then (just to be sure), Sasha slid one finger inside of her, to see if she was ready. Danyel shook as her walls contracted around Sasha’s finger, and she slid her fingernails over his back, leaving red scratches behind. He then moved back up to where he was face to face with Danyel, and ran his hands over her stomach and on down her long, sexy legs as he pulled them up around his waist. Danyel purred as she looked up into Sasha’s twinkling blue eyes. “May I?” he said as he gently kissed and bit her neck. But by this time, Danyel was so enthusiastic about having Sasha inside her that she couldn’t speak, and simply nodded while pressing her abdomen up against Sasha’s. By this time, she could also feel “Mr. Winky” pressing up against her – but now the only thing separating them from each other were Sasha’s boxers (the ones with the purple frogs and Lilly pads on them – she liked those) and Danyel ever so gingerly reached down, slid them down his legs and threw them on the floor – right next to her panties. “I love you”, said Danyel as she reached up and stroked the hairs on the back of Sasha’s neck. “I love you, too” Sasha said as he cupped her face in his hands, kissed her, and lowered himself into Danyel. She gasped in pain, and nonetheless, this startled Sasha. “Are you okay?” he asked as he pulled himself from between her legs; preparing for the worst. “Yes, I’m fine”, she said as she pulled his hips back down between her legs. “Just go slow, and be gentle, okay?” she said as she smiled up at his handsome face. “Okay, babe” he said as he slipped back between her legs, and rocked her ever so gently through the night.

By NaughtyAngel

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