I walked around in circles

I cursed the heavens above

I lost faith in miracles &

I gave up on all your love

You never answered any questions

You never listened to my prayers

You never believed in my passion

You never gave any loving glares

She always came in-between us

She pretended I wasn’t there

She hoped you would leave me

She wished you wouldn’t care

We were always hurting deep down

We lost love and sent away faith

We never heard the silencing sounds

We were lost in lust’s passionate zenith

Me and you had never lived

You and I can never perish

Me and you have been saved

You and I are a nee fetish

She took you away from little me

She saved you because I couldn’t

She has you and leaves me nobody

She loved you because I wouldn’t

By LilDragonfly

I have a tattoo, and if u r a good lil freak, I'll think about letting u find it...