Scarlet Stained

I wrote this a while back ago. I would like to learn ways to improve my writing. Please feel free to comment on it. Thanks. 🙂

‘Scarlet Stained’I knew of you too well. The icy chills would run down my spine whenever you were near. Keeping my distance by ignoring your existence, I would hide behind your shadows. Creeping, crawling with secrecy, I shudder at the haunting call of your voice. Breaking my eardrums, bleeding in agony. My life is strung upon a string of thread like a spider’s web. You are the black widow who furiously watches the tiny, helpless fly trapped within your seductive lure. My lips bleed of scarlet blood. There are bloodstains on the floor. A bruise embeds my face.Your words of love. Or that of hate? You told me countless lies – I believed them. I lie awake contemplating on the insomniaty you induce me with. Who’s to blame? Like a spike upon the mallet, you slash. Like a scab on a wound, you scar. Like the demon in an exorcism, you possess. A billion apologies won’t make it go away. It only makes it worse. Dark crimson bruises. More stains. A shattered heart. Shards of glass.

By DigitalRivet

when light fades to dark nails are swirling in the box of my brain.
I watch in the tear of soul virtual sequence of disturbing pictures.
inmate pushes the surface with his forehead to dislodge the fury.
microbes, electric vision


  1. This is poetry. Beautiful, simple poetry. It’s good keepp writing.

    The Nymph

  2. I love the metaphors… it sounds like it would go at the beginning of a story, a prologue. Please keep writing…

  3. i love this. god man keep writing i want to c more.well if u do write more i cant wait to c

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