See My Inside (Poem)

Do you see what I conceal?
Should I Reveal?
What I hide…
Or keep it all inside!!

Will you still be my friend?
If I expose myself
Or just lie to me…
Until I die!!

I’ve changed since then
When we became friends
Issues killed me inside
Demons consumed my mind
They clutter all around

There is no return
Then my skin starts to burn!!
Damn it!! I gained another demon!!
I’m turning into a heven!!
Don’t look at my wrist…
It’ll just make me pissed!!

Just hang me!! Watch awhile…
Let me see you smile!!
Hate me…rape me!!
I cry out to God!!
Seeking on his decision…
But in the harsh reality
Only created my own prison!!

I’ve exposed to much!!
Torture soul!!
Building more holes!!
Just another mind!!
Ready to hide!!

Now do you see what I conceal?
Take some time and realize
What I keep whats in my mind!!
As you watch me die inside!!
I got so much to say…
But not enough days!!

Let me ask again…
I revealed what I conceal
Are you still my friend…
Or just another lie!!
You see my soul that is gray…
Are you going to turn away!!

-Blake “Neo” Lewis

By Blake "Neo" Lewis

Nothing much to me but I'm into the arts a lot. I love music... music is what motivates me to not kill myself. I'm spontanious and like to have fun whenever I'm not busy. Thats it...