Self-Destructive Behavior

meek child filled with so much hate
he not yet knows his morbid fate
his broken soul
he has lost all his control
in his head he sees nothing but a gory view
from all the happiness he withdrew
in his head he silently weeps
from alll the pain and sorrow he is forced to keep
he is filled with sickened emotion
to this life he shows no devotion
his state of mind is constantly discouraged
for he was treated like a savage
terrified by endless sights of carnage
filled with shame,fear,and rage
they took advantahe of his childlike innoscene
they laughed at his collow ignorance
all his hopes and dreams they shatter
he is filled with pain but they continue to batter
he screams and cries yet there is no hope
this has been all too much and he cannot cope
so he puts the razor to his wrists
he gives it a little twists
releasing all his pain and strife
escaping this decayed life
erasing all this shame and sin
he declares his hate for the world that he is in
he knows it cant get any worse
for this life has been nothing but a curse
but he has only one savior
death, the only cure for his self-destructive behavior

By Melody

young bisexual pagan goth girl. struggling muscian n writer