I look upon his frigid eyes.crying asking why, how could he have hurt me so profound.truth is, i didnt want to knoe why all i wanted was for him to disappear, for him to fall off the face of the earth.he said”i love you i never meant to hurt you”all i wanted was for you to knoe wut ive done. how much anger and hate i feel as the days grow long and lonely in this broken home.i had no choice i had to let you go” youll never understand me! never! “.i stood there watching the floor for what felt like minuted but were mere seconds,i couldnt really dee the tears became a stream of flowing down my warm yet i felt this shiver run through my spine.till this day i havent recovered from all the wound he gave me. they seem to still be fresh and flowing will the warm crimson.

By DeMiSe

im not ur everyday person.i wish e veryone fell off the face of this mudball we call earth.