Senseless Desire cont. – 3

The year 2291? Has it really been that long? Far after the apocalypse and the fall of the human race. Past the fall of technology and rise of the new age. . . .the second dark age. What people were still alive after the world was made uninhabitable by nuclear warfare lived underground for centuries.

Once finally emerging, 9/10 of the world was still a barren wasteland. Taken refuge in one of the last standing cities of the old age, they continued their meek existence. Until death came for them all, the Earth was to be reclaimed by Lucifer, as once it was before adam and eve. Now they struggle, for life, and for their souls.


He stood there, alone and calm, as the onslaught creeped towards him. Impassive, with a long slender blade in hand, eight feet tip to hilt. Forged straight from his imagination, light as silk. The worn cape he wore rustling in the breeze. Blood stained chain mail glinting dully in the half-light, heavy biker boots, and large black jnco’s. He lifted his head at the sound of another dying scream, grinning wickedly. His thoughts asunder, ‘So this is where the well led to, not hell, but close to it.’
The surrounding scenery not nearly so complacent. Screams of the dying filled the air, clashing of metal, and a gunshot every so often. A wall surrounding the paremeter made of stacked, rusting cars. Forming something of a parapet at the top. Men and women alike scrambling across it, falling, dying. Demonic figures scaling its lenth slashing out at anything in their way. The roads nearby once paved, now cracked and splintered. Up on the walls a cry rang out unmistakingly. The demons were over the barricade. Now inside the city the fighting became fierce. To one side it was chaos. Hundreds of people packed together defending themselves with crude swords, metal pipes, or whatever could be used as a weapon. The demons slowly overtaking them, step by step.
Another group of men rushed past the lone figure in the road. All ten of them cut down by the hordes in minutes. A stray from the battle crawled to his feet moments later. A once beautiful female, now shredded and horibly disfigured. Her blue hair matted to her face stained red. One arm hung limp, torn off at the wrist.
“Sir, please,” she coughed, blood spiting onto the broken pavement, “help. . . .” as she collapsed, ceasing to breath.
“My dear, Cera,” he knelt down in front of her, taking her face in his hand, ” Demier Lach Ver Cerise,” he chanted deeply, “open your eyes.”
Her pale blue eyes snapped open, the color draining back into her once lifeless skin.
“Sir?”she began as he stood and slowly paced towards the slaughter ahead. Cera already out of his mind.
“Tisk, tisk, tisk,” he said, ” a seers job is never done.
Out of the crowd a grim slender creature lept forward. Stood for a second, cocking its head to the side upon seeing him and charged. Claws gleaming red from its previous kill. Darted left, right, and was nearly on top of him in a moments time, faster than any mortal could move. Though that’s all the time that was neeed to swing the long blade in a wide arc to sever the demon in two.
“Pitiful,” he laughed and launched himself into the fray. Arrows and bullets flying overhead to seek their targets on the wall. Bodies strewn all across the broken road.
As the demons saw him they disengaged from the fight, all swarming to him. Some small and lightning quick. Some large and bearlike, some flying on leather wings or slithering upon the ground. But in the end, death claimed them all.
He dashed bringing the blade around, cloak flying. The first group was upon him instantly. Stabbed forwards impaling three, then twisting with an upward thrust into the air slaying yet two more in mid-air. All hewn down like ragdolls. Another came at him large and oxlike, all fur and teeth. One swing and the bottom of its head lay rolling across the road. As more rushed forth his strokes became like fluid. All spinning into a whirlwind around him. Any and all that came near were cut down. Dozens wasted their lives for a useless cause and soon the bodies began to pile around him. A dog running from the area made his last mistake when passing too close. But he didnt care, he was lost in the fury. He became the blade, nothing else existed exept the blood pouring to the ground, and he wanted more. After a time the demons amassed, ignoring the other enemy they were sent to slaughter. A new threat arose, and his name was Jade.
At one point there was a short opening, he stopped the blades rythmic twirl and lifted a hand forward. The words coming into his mind once again, ‘You have more than the power over life and death, you have the ability to change reality itself.’
He smiled at the thought of it. His hand turned white with flame as it spread forth like a nova. Something like a miniature a-bomb forcing outwards. Everything within thirty yards became dust. Hundreds were dead in the blink of an eye, demon and human alike. the ground blackened and smoking in a deep crater. Jade still in the air floating at ground level, laughing.
The raging battle stopped then as all heads turned his way.
“My dear friends,” he spoke to the people of the city in a thunderous voice, “retreat to the caves, all here shall cease to live.”
There was a hesitation at first as human stared down demon, neither moving. Slowly at first they broke off, then at a full run towards their old underground shelters. Any creature that barred their way burst into flames. Soon, even though they had no emotions, the demons seemed frightened.
“Who are you to stop us, a mere man to stand in our way, alone. You stand not a chance against us all.” a voice hissed, as a small catlike figure stepped forth from the legions.
Amused, Jade turned towards him raising a hand. The crature steped back as he said, “I am the Jade of existance, created from nonexistence. Traveler of worlds and time, the spawn of Griffin from the ancient apocalypse. I am death in the mortal world as I will be the death of you all.”
The cat thing laughed and spit, “Griffin is long dead, I remember, I was there, dead by us. And you’ll do no better. . .Rach Minion Drei Velier Gra Sephir Lucei Fiera!” It screamed out some demonic name as it burst into flame at the will of Jade.
“You are nothing!” he screamed, now angry at the speaking of his old friend Griffin. The groud beginning to shake. A split in the earth formed swallowing whole the wall made of cars.
“What the fuck. . .” he whispered to himself, knowing that he, himself did not cause that to happen.
Two massive claws sprang from the chasm gripping the edges. Pulling itself up a head appreared, scaled and hideous, the size of a mac truck. Crawled out onto all fours as jade just floated there staring. A long tail emerged last, barbed and wicked looking. The black dragon turned towards Jade spitting flame in his direction. Engulfed him and melted dozens of surrounding demons as well. When the fire died down he stood there, now crouched on the ground. Smoke seeping off his charred cloak.
“Nice try, you’ll have to do a hell of alot better than that though,” he strode forward bringing the long slender sword about as deep green flames ran down its length.
The dragon reared up and slammed its claws into the destroyed roadway. Spitt forth yet another burst of flame. Jade still pacing, oblivious to it all. The demons now scattered back, silent, waiting. As he came within ten yards of the monstrous thing it swept a large claw at him. Catching him up in it and tossing him upwards in the air as it’s massive head turned up, jaws wide. And in he fell as the rows of teeth snapped closed around him.
Smoke poured from its nostrils as the legions hissed their cheer. then started for the caves. The dragon spun around, tail flying, crushing dozens of them as it stalked toward the chasm. One claw in and it stopped dead. A green flame burst through its nose right in front of it’s eyes. A blade slid up and across the length of it’s head. With a cracking sound as loud as a tree falling, the giant maw split open. Jade crawled out much the same way as the dragon did in the crevise. Stood and looked straight into the huge eyes before raising his hand in a clenched fist. Reality rippled like water and the eyes turned to mud. Its bones became like rubber and it fell to the ground in an umoving husk.
In mid-air jade raised his hand calling out his own essence. The air became thick as the sky split wide. Darkness covered the world and began to swirl. He had called upon, created a black hole in the sky. The ground shifted, then broke apart in chunks falling into the air, into space. The demons with it. Jade was oblivious to everything exept the sounds of their cries. He loved it. They didn’t stand a chance. All around him they clung to the ground desperately trying to gain hold. But the ground itself then ripped loose. In minutes everything was gone, and still the Earth was being pulled into the void. Jade tried to stop it. Tried with all he had left, but had expended too much already calling it forth. Knew if he did not stop it the world would be pulled in as well as his rivals. All he could manage to do was float there and watch it all crumble. Soon the cries of the men and women filled the air. Two hundred feet underground, the caves were being ripped apart. These people now flying into the sky. Helpless. Unable to control their fate, even had to suffer through watching the children go with them. Crying as they flew upwards, not understanding what was happening. It dug even deeper after that, taking miles of the Earth’s crust. then molten rock spitting out and the globe became hollow. Jade dodging the geysers of lava still not knowing why he bothered. Why he just didnt give up and fall into the sky as he had caused the others to. And finally, the earth split in two, inward, all pulled into the void. As Jade stood there in space, alone, now . . . .and forever. Now he knew why the old man had called him a curse. . . .

(I think my writing is getting worse, this one kinda sux but its the next chapter none-the-less. The 4th on is already written and on its way soon. My wrists hurt at the moment from typing and i’ll do it later)

By CheshireGriffinx

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