Sensless Hostility

It still greatly concerns me that the amount of hostility and violence of gothic clans towards others (namely mine) is not decreasing.

Ambushes, disruptions, un-gothlike behaviour and heavy explicit insults are becoming more frequent. Is it not a main Gothic principle to be passive and avoid violence? Why do some people feel the need to cause friction with other goths just for the hell of it? It’s tedious and petty damn it! It has not escaped my notice of course that a number of these people are ‘label’ goths: those who adopt our fashions and symbolism and not our principles or ways of life [ or death – as you like it 😉 ] and their actions and attitude are irritating and do nothing for our reputation – stereotyped or otherwise. Does anyone else, anywhere, find this a problem or concern? Do label goths frequent your area?
If not – I would just implore all to remember what we are and what we supposedly generally believe.

Ok I’m done now, than-q.

~Lady Minelli~

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By The Evil Cheezman

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