Sephiroth Part 1 By, AnGeLiQuE

First off, I would like to say, this is a horror story off the ending of Final Fantasy VII (7) or, what happens after the games ends. If you’ve never played the game before, it might take a little time to understand this. But if so…you love this!! Enjoy!!

ALso, before I forget, tell me what you think of this. Depending on the comments, depends on if I post more parts. ANd don’t worry, I will finsh this story unlike other! And one more thing, (I haven’t checked the spelling on this story. So work with me people!)


Chapter 1
Tifa Lockhard sat up in the middle of her bed. She wasn’t quiet sure what awoke her.
Tifa was about to lie back down when she heard her name wispered.
Tifa then saw a dark firgure come into veiw.
“Alright, who are!? And how did you get into my house!? she demanded.
“The key.” The person said and tossed a small yellow key at TIfa which landed at her feet.
“Ho-how did you get one of my house keys!?”
But not waiting for an answer, Tife jumped up, ready to attack the inturder.
“Paralysis!” The person said.
Tifa yelled out as she fell and was pinned again the the head of her bed. Paralysis was a spell, if cast, whould make someone unable to move unless the person who cast the spell removed it.
Tifa clenged the covers on her bed. Whom ever this person was, Tifa knew, was very storng at casting spells.
“Who are you!? Let me see your face!” Tifa demanded.
The person laughed.
“No, I don’t think you want to see my face.”
“Tifa, don’t tell me you don’t remember who I am. And here I thought I played such a important part in your life.”
Tifa then became very mad.
“Look sick-co, I don’t care who you are and I really don’t want want to know!! Now, I’m warning you to release me from this spell and get out!!!”
Tifa then heard the sound of a sword being pulled out. She shook at the sound that might be her death. Suddenly, a long sword appeard and poined right in the middle of Tifa neck. Fear was buliding up in her now.
“Look, just tell me what you want, and leave.” Tifa said in a clam voice.
“Why, I want you and only you my dear Lockheart.”
“Why don’t you take a lok at my sword and then maybe, you might remember me then.”
Tifa’s eyes fell to the sword and widen. She looked at the person, then at the sword. The person was standing 4 or 5 feet away from the foot of the bed which meat, the sword was 6 feet long and only one person had and could only handled a sword that long.
“Nooooo! You can’t be!!” Tifa screamed!
The sword was pulled away and Sephiroth landed acossed Tifa’s bed. He placed his chin in his hands.
Tifa rememebered Sephiroth as if everything had happend yesterday. But it had almost been a year.
Sephiroth had started being one of Clouds, Tifa’s childhood friend, partner and friend. But when Sephiroth had founded out the chilling truth about his past, he hated all and wanted to rule the world as his own.
But he failed and was killed inside of gaint crater which was supposed to have been his resting place.
Sephiroth was diffrent from any man Tifa ever knew. His hair was so long and so white, Sephiroth, he stood out. His white hair fell over his Mako green/bule eyes. And Sephiroth always wore a black outfit with a long black cape.
Sephiroth was, indeed, handsome. But he was an evil beauty that was too good to be true. And Tifa hated him because he was the cause of her father, the only parent she had after her mother died at a vey young age, and Aeris, who apart of the team and was killed becasue Sephiroth she could stop him easyly. Sephiroth killed them both in a cold blooded way.
Sephiroth was also very powerful and one of his storngest will was to be able to take control of some mind and body. He could speack to anyone inside of their mind and take complete of the body. Noone still could not understand how he was able to do this to some and not others.
“Miss me?” Sephiroth asked with a cold smile on his face.
“But your dead!?”
“No..I was almost dead. That worthless Hojo founded me and put me back together again. You see, there was still some power still left in a under ground factory only Hojo knew about. But when I was bact to normal, which as two day ago..Hojo wanted me to try and take over the world again like I was going to do last time and was going to rule right beside me. But I learn from my mistake and I had another idea that DIDN’T inculde him. And becaseu he couldn’t under my plan, I had to do away with him and I placed in my crate gave.”
“How could!? Your own father! Why, I’m sure he also did that for the fact that you were his son!”
“What!?” Now Sephiroth looked surpised.
“Hojo told us, while we were about to kill him, that yo were his son. Or so we thought we killed him. But if he healed you..I guess not. But he was the only thing you had left in this world and YOU took that ways yourself!!”
Sephroith smiled.
“I’ve still go you!”
“What do you mean by that!?” Tifa demanded.
Sephiroth stood up.
“In due time my dear. In due time…In the mean time, I want you to keep your mouth shut about seeing me. No one is to know about this, understamd?”
“Umph! Please! WHo are you to tell me who to tell me what to do!? And if I WERE to say something, it’s not like you’ll know!”
With lighting speed, Sephiroth rushed up on Tifa and gabbed a handful of Tifa’s hair, focing her head had with such pain, Tifa cryed out. Then he brough the long sword up to Tifa’s bair neck, aplying a little pressure to make a smal cut.
Tifa yelled as she felt a sting and her warm blood runing down her neck.
Sephiroth moved his lips to Tifa’s ear.
“I’ll be whaching you and you had better belive it! If you say anthing, I’ll cut you open like that little bitch Aeris! Understand!?”
With tears falling down her face, Tifa nodded.
“Very good.” Sephroth said moving the sword away. Now…Get some SLEEP!”
Another spell. Tifa felt her head drop and she fell into a deep sleep.

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