You are
you are the ground beneath my feet
you are the tear forever on my cheek
still I will not speak
you are my arms
my chest
my aching heart
I will never tear yours apart
behind my eyes inside my mind
you are with me all the time
but outside here
away beyond the crashing seas
A burning hope on ice
A hometown in the sand
ill kneel down beneath the cross,
for you,
and collect the blood.
Walking out beyond the pastures
the smell of hatred lit the trees
and I saw you dancing betwixt the shadows
with tension in step I approached
and to crushing despair
I saw another figure bare
they entwined, my glass heart broke
and the blood inside did cover the leaves
But dream I of better days
together at last
simple words elegantly placed
would fill our hours
and embrace
and in the joy, tears explode,
yearning for the notes
covering the sheets in bittersweet lust
Peace, and a trust so deep I swear,
I don’t need another thing
a place of dreams for now,
the folly of an idle mind
free me, free me of these fetters
as time flows about me,
its strings brush my face
and I am weathered.
Lets never-end together
yours lovingly, said he of the cloth
forbidden in the night
come to me my darkened empress
never-end together and…
Entwine in the light
an affront to the past
complete inside each other
Come to me.
Years passed, and daily,
her seraphic face lit my eyes
together we would die
coiled in our feathers.
And with our ending never
not a tear would pass
for we’ll be together in the stars
shining on each other beyond eternity