serious witches?

I’m usually a pretty open minded person, but one thing I dislike immensly are people who sit there and force ideas onto me, and refuse to even listen to my counterpoint. That, and people who pretend they’re witches.

Notice I said pretend. I have no problem with people who study and practise magic, Wicca, or any other form of religion (personally, I enjoy traveling the Dreamscape and practising an altered form of rune magic), but it’s the ones who for one, don’t know what they’re talking about, and two, jabber on relentlessly as if they do. Most can’t even do one spell…

I could give psychological reasons why they do this, but the point is, it’s annoying. So before you open your mouth, know what you’re talking about. This can be applied to every situation…

(“excessive killer”, for some reason)

By akainekora the dreamscape... (by the way, i type in lowercase because i talk quietly in person...)