Set Free…

Slowly, I pick up the gun,
I feel my hand shaking and my heart beating,
I point the gun towards my chest
for people will now know a true broken heart, when you where taken from me, my world was flipped upside-down
I think everyday there had to be something I could say
replaying our last conversation over and over in my mind.
Have I committed a crime, could I have done something, these are questions that go unanswered in my mind.
Your life has ended, now it is my turn..
With a knock at my door, so many things run through my mind, my fingers shaking as the door opens, the tripper is pulled.
I’m laying on the floor with you above me, I see wings, now my heart has truly been,
set free.

By sweetdreams21

I have been writting for a while and I thought I should finally start to post them. i'm 16 without a job or boyfriend.