i stare into a blank wall in my black bedroom
just holding my knees close to my chest.
there is noise all around the music blaring, the phone ringing, yet all i can hear are my tears hitting the cold floor.
i fear to fall asleep for i shall see your face, it haunts me you know that smile, that smirk. how i long to hold you like i once did before.
you stabbed my heart , as if you were a slayer killing a clan of vampires.
but i’m only one and you keep stabbing me, i keep bleeding but still i stay i don’t budge or cry or runaway.
how can you look into my eyes and say that you love me so dear.
but you push me away if i become near
you, say this is love well i hate it and not just a little bit i hate it so much that i wish i could die oh hellraiser tell me will be nye?
your face is everywhere now on the blank wall so i reach for the butcherknife just to end it all.
and as i raise it to my broken heart your face flashes before me like a dart hitting a target.
right square in the middle it stays in my
bloodless heart. i smile for i know it is now over this was the last drop of blood from my heart, my body. you walk through the door and your body quivers. you bend down and cry, while your body shivers.
i hope to have have hurt you as you have done unto me .
now burn me in the fire and put me in the sea to be set free.

By eripmav_writtenbackwords

i have nothing more to say than i am not one to be charished or loved....i have nno feelings and a tiny little back heart that may take tou thousands of years to find even with the upmost highest give up on me...i have no reason to be here...i do not feel i do not cry...i have no pain mercy nor remorse.....i have a b.f.....yet i don't see how the hell he can stand to put up with me....or "love"me for that matter....truth is i'm a bitch, i'm a sinner,and i'm a loner.......i'm used to it by now so should the rest of you out there....if God and i gave up a long time ago...don't even try...or get i said a waste of time....