Who is to blame for this one? It would seem that director Shane Black alone must bear that responsibility. He knew that his friend Steve Wilder was a convicted sex offender and he cast him anyway—without bothering to tell anybody else in the cast or crew. When Olivia Munn, star of the forthcoming THE PREDATOR and one of the leading firebrands of the #metoo movement, found out about it, she didn’t bother complaining to Black. She went above his head to the powers-that-be at 20th Century Fox, with the result being that the scene or scenes with Wilder were cut from the film.

It seems that Wilder’s was only a bit part and the scene-trimming had negligible effect on the movie overall, but the damage done here is in the matter of bad publicity—and it all reflects back on Black. Said Munn: “[It is] both surprising and unsettling that Shane Black, our director, did not share this information to the cast, crew, or Fox Studios prior to, during, or after production.” Yeah, it looks shady as hell. Let’s hope it doesn’t tarnish the movie or hamper its box office, as has happened with writer-director Victor Salva, a convicted sex offender, and the JEEPERS CREEPERS series. I understand you wanting to help out a friend, Mr. Black, but you, as director, should have put the well-being of your film above personal interests.