Shadow Side

Somewhere from the depths of all the negative elements of the world, this creature has appeared. It charges around in it’s threatening stance, setting up walls and keeping people from progressing, keeping friends from one another. It will put on a show of strength, hollow in reality, threatening in it’s illusion.

It appears in dreams and appears to devour and torment souls, all immaterial as it can do nothing in reality on the physical plane, only twist our fears and anxieties if we allow it to do so. It is time to banish this shade from our lives by defience, by force of our own inner wills to do so and to expose it to the light of days were it will be revealed for what it truely is.

By Voltarrens

A Graphic, Fine and Multimedia Artist currently studying at Victoria University in Computer Mediated Art. This also includes written works, poetry as well as an ongoing on line Novel of fantasy fiction available through my website. As well as all this, I also compose music with computer software and post it on the net at various sites. Science Fiction, fantasy and horror have been long time interests of mine over the many years, a lot of my artistic work reflects this...